Stash boxes can be used to hide your marijuana from prying eyes. Whether you are storing it for yourself before you light it up or if you’re trying to keep your neighbors and friends out of your stash, a good hiding place is key. Stash boxes are one way to keep your weed hidden from anyone that enters your home.

The best stash box for storing weed will depend on a number of factors, but here we will break down some of the most popular box designs and features and help you find the best option for your needs.

What is a stash box?

A stash box is essentially a box that you can keep your marijuana in when you are not smoking it. The inside of the stash box can be lined with a variety of materials such as stuffing or foam to help keep the smell and moisture out. Some models even come with built-in locks so your stash will be safe from prying eyes.

The size and shape of the box will vary, but most boxes are made to store between one ounce and four ounces of weed. If you plan on storing larger quantities, find a bigger stash box, which might be smaller than what you need because they’re designed for small amounts of weed.

What to look for when purchasing a stash box

If you’re looking for a stash box to properly store your weed, there are some things you should keep in mind. One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to weed storage is how quickly the stash box will open and close. If it’s difficult to open or close, then it’s not the best option since you’ll be opening and closing it frequently.

Another thing to consider is the size of the stash box. You need to make sure that whatever stash box you purchase is big enough to fit all of your weed. Make sure that if you’re going to purchase a small stash box, it’s also easy enough for you to keep your weed fresh without having it get too crushed or crumpled up inside.

Additionally, look at what materials are used when constructing stash boxes. Some materials hold heat better than others and can result in a more comfortable smoking experience.

Tips and Tricks for Storing Weed in a Stash Box

When you’re storing your marijuana in a stash box, having the right tool will make it easier to transport and conceal. The following are some tips and tricks for hiding marijuana in your stash box. –

Metal containers

A metal stash box is the best option if you want to keep your weed and valuables hidden from prying eyes and pack more weed into the same space. This type of stash box will be thick and durable enough to hold up against any abuse that might come it’s way.

Cardboard or plastic

A cardboard or plastic stash box is another option if you want something less conspicuous than metal. These boxes are cheap, but they won’t provide as strong of protection against theft or damage as metal stash boxes can in the long term.

If you’re going to be transporting your marijuana with you, we recommend using a small backpack or another handbag that’s water-resistant and smell-proof. This will help protect your marijuana from getting ruined in case of an unfortunate accident like dropping it on the ground.

Mason jars

One misconception is storing cannabis in a mason jar is a safe option. However, it is not recommended to use a mason jar to store marijuana. Mason jars are not airtight and can expose the marijuana to oxygen and light which can cause the THC in marijuana to degrade. It is best to store marijuana in an airtight container such as an opaque glass jar or a vacuum-sealed stash bag.

How to hide a stash box in your home

There are many ways to hide a stash box in your home. Some designs include using a fake plant, hiding it behind a picture, or even painting the wall over it. The best way of hiding your stash box depends on where you are trying to keep the stash hidden and how well you can conceal it.

One option for hiding a stash is with a fake plant. You can cover up the plant in soil, leaves, or other plants and arrange them around the area where your stash is located. If you are looking to hide your weed from a close neighbor, this is one of the most effective methods because they will never suspect that there is something behind their fake plant.

If you want to try another method, you can put up a picture on the wall right next to your stash box. This creates an illusion that there’s nothing behind it and creates an interesting texture on the wall.

Lastly, if you want to make sure nobody knows what’s going on but still want to be able to get at your stash easily when needed, consider painting over your box with wall paint or paint from can be found at any hardware store. This will give the appearance that there’s nothing there and let you get at whatever is stored inside quickly and discreetly whenever necessary.

The 5 Best Stash Boxes for Storing Weed

One of the most popular products on Amazon is the Stash Box In-Home Security Safe. This box boasts a decent size, a digital lock and tamper resistant screws to keep your buds safe from prying eyes. The Stash Box In-Home Security Safe also has a TSA-approved lock and comes in at a low price.

Another great option for storing weed is the Vaultbank Hide & Store Cube. It’s made out of durable steel and has an adjustable latch that allows you to lock it up tighter for more security!

The Camillus Lockbox is another terrific option for storing weed. It’s made out of steel and has a TSA-approved lock to keep your stash safe from prying eyes. The Camillus tamper proof Lockbox also has hidden hinges on the side, so no one can see what’s inside!

For those who are looking for something with more features than just keeping your stash safe, the Ledger Safe Vault is perfect! This box has a digital keypad that allows you to open it with 4 digit codes, airtight seal and carbon filters, as well as LED lights on top of the lid that illuminate your stash when you need it most.

The last option we have is the CamelBak StealthyBox Challenge Kit. This kit was designed with stashing weed in mind and comes with its own mini storage case. It also boasts an ergonomic design that lets you carry it anywhere without getting too uncomfortable or

Bottom line

There are many different stash boxes and stash box kits available, but the most important things to consider are location and design. The location of your stash box will likely be a factor in how you want your marijuana stored. If you plan on storing it outside, then the best option is a metal or wooden stash box that is waterproof. If you’re storing your weed within the confines of your home, then you can use any type of container that is made of sturdy material like plastic or glass.

Additionally, when choosing a storage solution keep in mind that this also impacts where it should be stored as well as its security measures. We highly recommend the best selling stash box with rolling tray combo sets or smell proof storage options listed below for cannabis storage.